Nana has been stunning spectators with his magic for the past seven years. His friendly personality and natural charisma make him a true pleasure to watch. 

As a child, Nana was always interested in magic, performing simple card and coin tricks for family and friends at every opportunity. However, he became hooked after watching a performance by a magician at the Magic Masters store in Disney World, Florida. Amongst many illusions, the magician took a quarter and penetrated a solid Coca Cola bottle with it, leaving Nana wide-eyed and ambitious to master similar feats. 

Nana now performs at private parties, restaurants, senior living communities, weddings, holiday parties, schools and many more venues. 

Nana was born in Kiel, Germany on August 19, 1975, where he lived for nine years. He also lived in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa for 11 years before moving to the United States. He currently lives in New Haven, CT with his wife and two sons.